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My UI-UX Design Portfolio
Mobile Design

Orangery OS

Orangery is an application for managing the Coworking spaces and resources of companies or organizations. In Orangery, nearly 20 different features have been built, such as a marketplace for sale and rent, the creation of various requirements of a co-working space, management of employees and visitors, management of deliveries, etc.

Online Shop / Portfolio


I collaborated on creating a personal website for Atiyeh Porzanjani, a ceramicist based in Tehran. This project provided me with valuable experience in designing and implementing a minimalistic website. It also allowed me to understand the specific concerns and aspirations of an artist working as a freelancer. As a result, I was able to develop a website that fully satisfied her requirements and met his artistic needs.

B2B Product


Defaro is an innovative SaaS platform specifically created to address skill gaps within organizations. Serving as a collaborative upskilling platform, Defaro enables tech teams to share knowledge and unlock their full potential. With the backing of esteemed institutions like Founder Institute and Özyeğin University, as well as support from Girişim Fabrikası, Defaro provides a powerful solution for enhancing team capabilities and driving innovation. In my role as a Ui/UX designer, I was responsible for overseeing all design stages, including initial design, sketching, mockup creation, and wireframing.

UI Design


Dinokoll is a company operating in the manufacturing, industrial, and trading sectors, specializing in construction and construction chemistry. During this short-term collaboration, I served as a user interface designer, working alongside a team of experts in web design.

Product Design


Bogzin is a private platform operating in the mobile provider sector within the Iranian market. This platform serves as a marketplace where numerous stores and sellers engage in the exchange, purchase, and sale of products. Regrettably, owing to a non-disclosure agreement, I am unable to disclose specific details regarding the platform. Nonetheless, I am delighted and honoured to have had the opportunity to comprehensively design such an exceptional platform over the course of several months. Collaborating with a highly skilled team specializing in programming and project management was an immensely gratifying and enriching experience.